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House By The Cemetery, TheDVD
House Of 1000 CorpsesBlu-Ray
House Of The DeadBlu-Ray
House Of The Dead 2DVD
House of the Devil, TheBlu-Ray
House Of Wax (1953)DVD
House Of Wax (2005)Blu-Ray
House On Haunted HillDVD
House That Dripped Blood, TheDVD
Howling, TheBlu-Ray
I Know What You Did Last SummerDVD
In The Mouth Of MadnessBlu-Ray
Incredible Melting Man, TheBlu-Ray
Insidious: Chapter 2Blu-Ray
Insidious: Chapter 3Blu-Ray
Insidious: The Last KeyBlu-Ray
Interview With The VampireDVD
It4K Ultra HD
It (Full Screen)Blu-Ray
It Comes At NightBlu-Ray
It FollowsBlu-Ray
It's AliveDVD
Jaws 2DVD
Jaws 3DVD
Jeepers CreepersBlu-Ray
Jeepers Creepers 2Blu-Ray
Jeepers Creepers 3Blu-Ray
Jennifer's BodyBlu-Ray
Killer Klowns From Outer SpaceBlu-Ray
Killer PartyDVD
Kiss, TheVHS
Land Of The Dead (Unrated Director's Cut)HD-DVD
Last Exorcism Part 2, TheBlu-Ray
Last Exorcism, TheBlu-Ray
Lazarus Effect, TheBlu-Ray
Let Me InBlu-Ray
Lights OutBlu-Ray
Lord Of Illusions (Unrated Director's Cut)DVD
Lost Boys, TheBlu-Ray
Lost Boys: The ThirstBlu-Ray
Lost Boys: The TribeBlu-Ray
Mad, TheDVD
Messengers, TheBlu-Ray
Midnight MovieBlu-Ray
Mirrors 2 (Unrated)Blu-Ray
Mist, TheBlu-Ray
Mortuary (2005)Blu-Ray
My Bloody Valentine (2009)3D Blu-Ray
My Bloody Valentine (Special Edition)Blu-Ray
My Little EyeDVD
My Soul To TakeBlu-Ray
Mystery Of The Wax MuseumDVD
Near DarkBlu-Ray
Night Flier, TheDVD
Night Of The CometBlu-Ray
Night Of The Creeps (Director's Cut)Blu-Ray
Night Of The DemonsBlu-Ray
Night Of The Demons (2009)Blu-Ray
Night Of The Living Dead ('90) (Import)Blu-Ray
Night Of The Living Dead (Colourized)DVD
Night of The Living Dead (Import)Blu-Ray
Night Of The Living Dead 3DDVD
Night Of The Living Dead 3D Re-animation (Import)3D Blu-Ray
Night Of The Living Dead: ReanimatedDVD
Nightmare On Elm Street, ABlu-Ray
Nightmare On Elm Street, A (2010)Blu-Ray
Omen 2: DamienBlu-Ray
Omen 3, The: The Final ConflictBlu-Ray
Omen, TheBlu-Ray
Omen, The 666Blu-Ray
One Dark NightDVD
Otis (Uncut)Blu-Ray
Ouija (2014)Blu-Ray
Ouija: Origin Of EvilBlu-Ray
Paranormal ActivityBlu-Ray
Paranormal Activity 2Blu-Ray
Paranormal Activity 3Blu-Ray
Paranormal Activity 4Blu-Ray
Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension3D Blu-Ray
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (Extended Cut)Blu-Ray
People Under The Stairs, TheBlu-Ray
Pet SemataryBlu-Ray
Pet Sematary 2DVD
Phantasm 2DVD
Phenomena (International Version)Blu-Ray
Piranha (2010)3D Blu-Ray
Piranha 2: The SpawningDVD