Can't decide?
Race To Witch MountainFamily
Racing HeartsDrama
Raise The TitanicAction
Raven, The (2012)Mystery
Rawhead RexHorror
Real SteelAction
Reaping, TheThriller
Rear WindowMystery
Rebel Without A CauseDrama
REC 2Horror
Red 2Comedy/Action
Red Dawn (2012)Action
Red DragonThriller
Red Lights (2012)Thriller
Red PlanetSci-Fi
Red Riding Hood (Alternate Cut)Horror
Reign Of FireAction
Remaining, TheHorror
Requiem For A Dream (Director's Cut)Drama
Rescuers Down Under, TheAnimated
Rescuers, TheAnimated
Resevoir Dogs 15th AnniversaryAction
Resident EvilHorror
Resident Evil: ApocalypseHorror
Resident Evil: DamnationAnimated
Resident Evil: DegenerationAnimated
Resident Evil: ExtinctionHorror
Return Of The Living Dead Part 2Horror
Return Of The Living Dead, TheHorror
Return To House On Haunted HillHorror
Return, TheHorror
Revenge Of The NerdsComedy
Revolutionary RoadDrama
Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut)Sci-Fi
Rigor MortisHorror
Ring, TheHorror
Riot Club, TheDrama
Risky BusinessComedy/Drama
Rite, TheThriller
Road HouseAction
Road, TheThriller
Robin Hood: Prince Of ThievesDrama
RoboCop (2014)Action
RoboCop 2Sci-Fi
RoboCop 3Sci-Fi
Rock, TheAction
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The (35th Anniversary Edition)Musical
Romancing The StoneComedy/Action
Romy And Michelle's High School ReunionComedy
Room 237Documentary
Room, TheComedy/Drama
Roommate, TheThriller
Rosemary's BabyHorror
Roving MarsMiscellaneous
Ruins, The (Unrated)Horror
Run Lola RunThriller
Runner RunnerAction
Running Man, TheSci-Fi
Running Scared (2006)Action
Running With ScissorsGay/Lesbian