Can't decide?
Napoleon DynamiteComedy
National Lampoon's Christmas VacationComedy
National Lampoon's European VacationComedy
National Lampoon's VacationComedy
National TreasureAction
National Treasure 2: Book Of SecretsAction
Near DarkHorror
Neighbors (2014)Comedy
Neighbors 2Comedy
Nick & Norah's Infinite PlaylistComedy/Drama
Night At The MuseumFamily
Night At The Museum: Secret Of The TombFamily
Night At The Museum: Battle Of The SmithsonianFamily
Night Before, TheComedy
Night Of The CometHorror
Night Of The Creeps (Director's Cut)Horror
Night Of The DemonsHorror
Night Of The Demons (2009)Horror
Night Of The Living Dead ('90) (Import)Horror
Night of The Living Dead (Import)Horror
Night WatchThriller
Nightbreed (The Director's Cut)Thriller
Nightmare On Elm Street 2, A: Freddy's RevengeHorror
Nightmare On Elm Street 3, A: Dream WarriorsHorror
Nightmare On Elm Street 4, A: The Dream MasterHorror
Nightmare On Elm Street 5, A: The Dream ChildHorror
Nightmare On Elm Street 6, A: Freddy's DeadHorror
Nightmare On Elm Street 7, A: New NightmareHorror
Nightmare On Elm Street, AHorror
Nightmare On Elm Street, A (2010)Horror
Ninth Gate, TheThriller
No Country For Old MenThriller
No EscapeThriller
No Good DeedThriller
No Strings AttachedComedy
Nocturnal AnimalsThriller
Normal Heart, TheGay/Lesbian
Not Suitable For ChildrenComedy/Drama
November CriminalsDrama
November Man, TheAction
Now You See MeComedy/Action
Nude Nuns With Big GunsComedy/Action
Number 23, TheMystery
Nun, TheHorror