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Terminator 2: Judgment DayBlu-RayAction
12 MonkeysHD-DVDThriller
Aliens (Special Edition)Blu-RayAction
Back To The Future (25th Anniversary Edition)Blu-RayComedy/Action
Back To The Future Part 2 (25th Anniversary Edition)Blu-RayComedy/Action
Children Of MenHD-DVDSci-Fi
Close To You: Remembering The CarpentersDVDMusic/Entertainment
Dawn Of The Dead (1978)Blu-RayHorror
Dawn Of The Dead (Ultimate Edition)DVDHorror
Elvira: Mistress Of The DarkDVDComedy
Exorcist, The (Director's Cut)Blu-RayHorror
Faculty, TheBlu-RayThriller
Fifth Element, The4K Ultra HDSci-Fi
Final DestinationBlu-RayHorror
Galaxy QuestBlu-RayComedy
I Am Legend4K Ultra HDThriller
Inconvenient Truth, AnDVDDocumentary
Karen Carpenter Story, TheDVDDrama
Latter DaysBlu-RayGay/Lesbian
Resident EvilBlu-RayHorror
Return Of The Living Dead, TheBlu-RayHorror
Romy And Michelle's High School ReunionBlu-RayComedy
Sliders: First & Second SeasonsDVDTV Show
Sliders: The Third SeasonDVDTV Show
Star Trek (2009)Blu-RaySci-Fi
Star Trek IV: The Voyage HomeBlu-RaySci-Fi
Star Trek: First ContactBlu-RaySci-Fi
Star Trek: The Next Generation (Season 5)Blu-RayTV Show
Star Wars Ep. 5: The Empire Strikes BackBlu-RaySci-Fi
Terminator, The (Remastered)Blu-RaySci-Fi
Titanic (1997)3D Blu-RayDrama
Titanic (1997) (Special Collector's EditDVDDrama
Tron: Legacy3D Blu-RaySci-Fi
True LiesDVDAction
Warm BodiesBlu-RayComedy/Action
Halloween (35th Anniversary Edition)Blu-RayHorror
Terminator Genisys3D Blu-RayAction
Toy Soldiers (Import)Blu-RayAction
007: Casino RoyaleBlu-RayAction
007: SkyfallBlu-RayAction
13 Going On 30DVDComedy
17 AgainBlu-RayComedy/Drama
28 Days LaterBlu-RayHorror
28 Weeks LaterBlu-RayHorror
30 Days Of NightBlu-RayHorror
40-Year-Old Virgin, The (Unrated Special Edition)HD-DVDComedy
9 To 5DVDComedy
A.I. Artificial IntelligenceBlu-RaySci-Fi
Abyss, TheDVDSci-Fi
Addams Family ValuesDVDComedy
Adventures In Babysitting (25th AnniversBlu-RayComedy/Action
Aeon FluxBlu-RaySci-Fi
Alien (Director's Cut)Blu-RaySci-Fi
Alien Resurrection (Special Edition)Blu-RaySci-Fi
Amadeus (Director's Cut)Blu-RayDrama
American Werewolf In London, AnHD-DVDHorror
Amityville Horror, TheBlu-RayHorror
Another Gay MovieDVDGay/Lesbian
Arrival, TheBlu-RaySci-Fi
As Good As It GetsDVDComedy/Drama
Austin Powers: International Man Of MystDVDComedy
Back To The Future Part 3 (25th Anniversary Edition)Blu-RayComedy/Drama
Bad TeacherBlu-RayComedy
Batman BeginsHD-DVDAction
Batteries Not IncludedDVDSci-Fi
Benchwarmers, TheBlu-RayComedy
Bicentennial ManDVDComedy/Drama
Big (1988)Blu-RayComedy/Drama
Big BusinessBlu-RayComedy
Big FishBlu-RayDrama
Black Christmas (1974) (Special Edition)Blu-RayHorror
Blade Runner (Complete Collector's EditiBlu-RaySci-Fi
10 Cloverfield LaneBlu-RayThriller
Blues Brothers, TheBlu-RayMusical
Breakfast At Tiffany's (Anniversary EditDVDComedy/Drama
Breakfast Club, TheHD-DVDComedy/Drama
Bridesmaids (Unrated)Blu-RayComedy
Bring It OnDVDComedy
Broken Hearts Club, TheDVDGay/Lesbian
Bug's Life, ABlu-RayCartoon
Burbs, TheDVDComedy
Cabin In The Woods, TheBlu-RayHorror
Carpenters Gold: Greatest HitsDVDMusic/Entertainment
Carrie (1976)Blu-RayHorror
X Files, The: The Event SeriesBlu-RayTV Show
Charlie And The Chocolate FactoryHD-DVDComedy/Drama
Cheaper By The DozenDVDComedy
Chronicles Of Narnia, The: The Lion, TheBlu-RayAction